Mark McIntyre

Mark McIntyre

Principal and Co-Founder
  • Merchant McIntyre Associates
  • 1634 I Street NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20006
  • 202-869-5220

Mark McIntyre is Principal and Co-Founder, providing strategic oversight and managing the firm's government relations practice. Mark has nearly four decades of federal experience, having worked on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and in the private sector.

Known for his expertise in winning federal funding, Mark has twice been recognized as a Top Lobbyist — first by Congressional Quarterly (2012) and most recently by the National Institute of Lobbying and Ethics (2020).

“Here’s what I like best about Mark — even though his name is on the door, I can give him any assignment!” 

As a former Presidential speechwriter and award-winning journalist, Mark leads Merchant McIntyre’s production of materials for clients to present to the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Prior to co-founding MM, Mark served as Senior Vice President and Director of Russ Reid's Washington, DC office. Mark opened Russ Reid's DC office in 1994. At that time, Russ Reid was the nation's largest marketing, communications, and government relations agency, serving exclusively nonprofit organizations.

Before leading Russ Reid DC, Mark served as the youngest Vice President in the history of Cassidy & Associates, where he specialized in representing colleges and universities, states and municipalities, hospitals and medical centers, and social service agencies.

Mark previously served as Chief Speechwriter to then-Vice President Bush from 1986 through the 1988 presidential campaign, transition, inauguration, and into the first year of Bush 41’s presidency.

Mark began his Washington career as Press Secretary to U.S. Rep. Robert L. Livingston (retired), former Chairman of the full House Appropriations Committee.

Outside of MM, Mark serves as a board member for Christ-centered nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing housing to the poor, and to racial reconciliation.  In his free time, Mark enjoys cycling, hiking, reading, and traveling with his wife Lisa.

Mark is a graduate of Deerfield Academy and Yale University, the original college football factory.


  • Presidential Speechwriter
  • Top Lobbyist, 2012
  • Top Lobbyist, 2020


  • Federal Appropriations
  • Legislative Strategy
  • Advocacy
  • Marketing and Communications


  • Deerfield Academy, 1978
  • Yale University, 1983