Individual initiative is the main ingredient in each person’s success. Merchant McIntyre Associates offers the healthiest corporate culture of any government relations agency in Washington, DC. In a city known for partisan political gridlock, MM is characterized by results-oriented collaboration.
We maintain a “Commitment to My Co-Workers” that’s unique in DC. This commitment, combined with our expertise, has enabled us to build an agency of professionals who are hungry, humble, and smart with people. We recruit individuals who possess the “essential virtues” Patrick Lencioni describes in his book The Ideal Team

Are you passionate about achieving results for organizations that feed people, house people, educate people, heal people, and empower people? We are. You will find representative examples of our work here
Do you work with integrity? Are you capable of having crucial conversations? All of us have read and studied the book Crucial Conversations
If so, please submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected]!

Merchant McIntyre appreciates your interest!