government funding professionalsSince 1994, Merchant McIntyre professionals have won every type of local government grant award and Congressionally Directed Spending available at the federal level.

In doing so, we’ve established the best win rate of any agency in Washington, DC. As a result, we serve our clients as transformational partners by delivering a good-to-great-to-fantastic Return on Investment through federal support.

We begin every partnership by listening. Through a thorough Resource Inventory process, we get to know your people, priorities, and projects. Within 30 days of the final Resource Inventory discussion, Merchant McIntyre produces a comprehensive Federal Funding Strategy, a detailed Federal Grants Grid, and a specific Action Plan.

We plan the work and then work the plan — as your “multiplier force” in Our Nation’s Capital.

Essential Keys to Winning Federal Funding

The essential keys to winning federal funding are to:

  • Have a crystal clear understanding of what Members of Congress and Executive Branch program officers are looking for in an award-worthy application
  • Begin writing the application long before its publicly announced

This is how Merchant McIntyre consistently wins significant federal funding awards for local governments.

Merchant McIntyre professionals regularly meet with Congressional staff and federal program officers to gather invaluable intel about how to win funding under their jurisdiction. Specifically, we learn about the funding priorities of Members of Congress and the competitive preference priorities that program officers are using to score grant applications. MM’s ability to forecast funding opportunities for our clients results in better program design, decreased burden on local government professional staff, and greater and more sustainable financial impact.

Merchant McIntyre’s expert analysis of federal agency budget proposals, appropriations and authorizing legislation, policy proposals, and grant program evaluations enable us to develop projects for local governments that provide budget relief and improve quality of life.

MM has proudly partnered with local governments on federally supported projects that drive economic growth, address critical infrastructure needs, plan and build recreational trails, strengthen community-wide programs, and fund fire, police, and emergency response departments. 

Merchant McIntyre professionals direct and manage all aspects of our local government clients’ federal funding strategy. We track the emergence of a grant program during the federal appropriations process, then recommend which grants to pursue based on our clients’ objectives. MM leverages long-standing experience in federal programs with meaningful agency staff relationships to enable clients to submit award-worthy applications. MM manages the development of projects, deploys and formalizes critical partnerships, and writes each scored section of the grant application while mobilizing support from third-party stakeholders and elected officials.

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