Tazewell Virginia

Tazewell VirginiaTazewell County sits in the heart of southwest Virginia on the border with West Virginia and covers approximately 520 square miles. The Countys picturesque landscape consists of steep terrain, rock cliffs, deep valleys, and many unique geographic formations.

In the mountains sits the Countys beautiful Cavitts Creek Park, a popular recreation and camping spot with a system of hiking trails that surrounds Lake Jack Witten. Together, MM and the County developed a successful $187,894.74 application to the VA Department of Conservation and Recreations (DCR) Recreational Trails Program (RTP), a program that is funded by dollars from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Specifically, the award enabled the County to develop 0.77 miles of a crushed rock surface mixed-use trail in compliance with ABA accessibility standards and extend the existing trail around Lake Jack Witten. The new trail extension is conveniently located next to family camping areas and showers. The project also included a 0.13-mile crushed rock trail connector, designed to cut travel times between the upper and lower sections of the park, including the more secluded camping sites north of the lake.

The grant award also enabled the County to construct a new ADA-compliant restroom facility at the park to create a clean, comfortable, and accessible space for all visitors (including those with disabilities and/or limited mobility) to use while enjoying the park and the trails.