At Merchant McIntyre Associates, we're committed to helping nonprofit colleges and universities achieve their goals for federal funding and support. Browse testimonials from some of our higher education clients to learn about their experiences with our federal funding team.

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  • “Merchant McIntyre provides us with resources and expertise that we could never hire internally.”
  • “Thank you all again for the herculean effort you put into the TRIO SSS application in the months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes leading up to the submission deadline. You should all be proud of our end product, which will help us tell our story and articulate to the broader funding community, our need for additional support services for our low-income, first-generation students. Thank you!”
  • “I am so proud of you all! This is the most creative grant we’ve ever written!”
  • "We’re so relieved that we made the deadline in spite of the storm. Your guidance, patience, and expertise helped keep us balanced and focused.”